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Fresh Food for the Frontline working under the St. Barnabas Church Charity, based in Kensington and Chelsea, is a community support charity, delivering fresh food boxes to the critical care staff at our local hospitals. These heroes work long stressful shifts, and who are risking their lives every day, and struggle to get the time to buy fresh food. We are also supporting the vulnerable in our communities. 

Fresh Food for the Frontline are sourcing food boxes from farms in the Cotswolds, and will include: fruit, vegetables, bread, milk and eggs, providing the recipients with healthy food basics for the most of their week.

Our strategy is to roll this out to other communities who can raise funds specifically for the frontline staff at their local hospitals, and this has already started in 2 locations in Gloucestershire and Middlesex.

Distribution will be handled in 2 ways, the first via direct delivery to the Administration Departments at the hospitals and the second via local  community distribution centres, who working with volunteers and the Corona Virus Support Group, https://coronavirus-support-group.co.uk/  a locally focused mutual-aid network (now active throughout the UK), who will deliver the food boxes to those that need it most. 


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